Road Bikes

Road Bikes in Stock:


KHS Flite 223: This bike is an incredible value for the price. It has proper STI road shifters (you shift from the brake levers), a comfortable and reliable steel frame, double-wall rims, and a triple crankset for steep climbs. It also has clearance to run much wider tires than most road bikes so it could be used as a gravel bike. Getting all those features for only $599 makes this a great entry-level road bike.










Felt Z85: This gorgeous comfort-road bike from Felt is an excellent value at only $1399. Modern features include 11-speeds in the rear, a tapered headtube/steerer, and tubeless-compatible wide rims. The fit is designed to be a bit less aggressive than a full-on racing machine, so it’s a comfortable bike on long rides. The parts spec is the latest 105 equipment. Visit the Felt Z85 site for complete specs.










Felt Z100: This bike has the same frame as the Z85, but uses a less expensive parts spec to get the price down to $819. Even at that price Felt managed to keep the wide rims and even added the beginner-friendly feature of brake levers at the top of the bar. Visit the Felt Z100 page for more information.










Felt X85: This has a lot in common with a traditional road bike but adds quite a bit of versatility and comfort. It comes stock with 30mm wide Challenge tires on wide rims, a setup that’s great on our bumpy Chatham County roads and can even handle gravel adequately. There’s clearance for even bigger tires if gravel will be the main use. Disk brakes provide consistent stopping power even in wet conditions, and brake levers on the tops let you stop from any hand position. With all this and an 11-speed 105 drivetrain, it’s a great value at $1499. Visit the Felt V85 page for complete specs.









Felt Versa Speed 50: This is technically a hybrid bike, but if you’re looking to get into road riding or triathlons and you need to keep the cost low, this could be an excellent option. You won’t be quite as fast or efficient, but you can’t beat the price of $449. Visit the Felt Versa Speed 50 page for more information. Also available in Silver.