Hybrid Bikes

These bikes are ideal for “riding around the neighborhood”, easy gravel roads, and light trail riding (like the American Tobacco Trail).

KHS Brentwood: If comfort is your top priority when you ride a bike, this is the one for you. The high handlebars put you in a very upright position that’s easy on your back, shoulders, and wrists. The seat is nice and wide and the post under it has a shock for the bigger bumps. The classic looking bike is available in either a standard or a drop-through frame (both shown), and it’s affordable at $369. Visit the KHS Brentwood site for more specs and color options.

Brentwood16 BrentwoodLadies








Felt Versa Path 30: Similar to the Brentwood, this Felt bike has a nicer parts spec and more of an old-style handlebar. Surprisingly efficient for the level of comfort.





Felt Versa Speed 50: In addition to striking good looks, this bike is also a blast to ride! It’s almost as efficient as a road bike, but the flat handlebars improve control and the wider tires can handle smooth trails quite well. At $449, this bike is also quite a value. For more detailed specs visit the Felt Versa Speed 50 page. Also available in Silver.






Evo River Sport: This is our most affordable hybrid bike at $349. The position is a bit sportier like the Felt Versa Speed, but the parts spec is a step down. If you’re just getting started riding and/or you’re not sure how much  you’ll really end up riding, this could be a great option.