Buying Guide

Shopping for a bike can be overwhelming with all the options out there. The good news is that with a little bit of guidance, most folks can narrow the field down pretty quickly. To help you understand the different types of bikes, we’ve made a list of the major genres to help you quickly get past the confusion and on to the pedaling!

Brentwood16 Hybrid Bikes: This is the type of bike that works best for the large majority of casual cyclists. They are ideal for “riding around the neighborhood”, easy gravel roads, and light trail riding (like the American Tobacco Trail). If that sounds like your style of riding, then the next thing to consider is whether you are most interested in comfort or efficiency. The comfort-style hybrid shown on the left has higher handlebars that put you in a very upright, easy riding position (and it’s also available in a ladies-style). The sportier bike on the right is designed for you to lean over further for better power and less wind resistance. Sometimes the best thing to do is to try riding them and see what suites you best. Click here for more details about some of the hybrids we keep in stock.

FeltV85Road Bikes: This term used to refer to one very specific type of racing bike, but there’s now a range of sub-genres tailored to different uses. For example, the bike on the left has a lot in common with the traditional “racing bike,” but the fit has been changed to allow you to sit a little more upright for better long-distance comfort. The bike on the right takes things a step further by building flex into the frame and leaving clearance for wider tires, both improving comfort on rough and/or gravel roads. You may also notice it has disk brakes for all-weather stopping power. Click here for more information on some of the road bikes we stock.

Mountain Bikes: This is the type of bike to buy if you’ll be spending most of your time off pavement or if you anticipate riding single-track trails. Of the main genres of bikes, mountain bikes are the most durable and most versatile. The trade-off is that they are noticeably more sluggish on pavement. Click here for details on some of the mountain bikes we keep in stock.

Kids Bikes: The name kinda says it all with this type of bike. Most kids bikes are miniature versions of mountain bikes due to how rough kids often are with their equipment, but there are some other options available.