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Hey y’all, things are finally calming down in here some.  Turnaround is no longer several weeks out, parts availability is slightly better, phone’s not ringing off the hook anymore, etc. The biggest bike boom in history was quite stressful for those of us in shops, so I’m looking forward to the chill winter (pun intended). Of course we’re still in a pandemic so the following still applies:

Pandemic Protocols:

1) Everything is contactless outside dropoff/pickup. If you haven’t talked to me beforehand and show up, the shop will appear closed.

2) Every bike goes through a 3-day quarantine so the earliest turnaround for small repairs is 3-5 days once you figure in days that I’m not here. More involved repairs and tune-ups are a longer wait of course.

3) As always, I may not answer the phone if I’m in the middle of something or if it’s outside shop hours. Quickest and most effective way to get up with me is text or email.


Regular hour: Tu, Wed, Fri, Sat 9-6

Around back in Historic Chatham Mills
480 Hillsboro St., Suite 105, Pittsboro, NC

(919) 642-3035